We are "Cosmetic Distribution Ltd.", a distributor of cosmetics and perfumery products in Latvia. Our company was founded in 2018, and since then, we have established trustworthy relationships with our customers and partners.

Our main activity is distribution and wholesale trade of cosmetic products in the Latvian market. We successfully collaborate with suppliers from EU countries and Turkey. All products that we represent in Latvia are intended for customers with average income levels. These are high-quality mass-market brands at medium/low prices.

We cooperate with major retail chains such as "Rimi," "Maxima," "Mego," and "Fix Price," as well as small shops throughout Latvia. We offer a wide range of cosmetic and perfume products at affordable prices. All of these factors help us cover all possible trading areas in the Latvian market.

For better sales results and product promotion in Latvian market, we use such effective marketing activities as promo sales of goods at low prices, seasons sell-outs, issuing of special booklets informing about price reductions and web advertising, of course all these activities are discussed with suppliers.

Our team consists of experienced employees, specialists in sales and marketing departments. We also have our own sales managers who manage the process of delivery and sales in stores.

 With all our partners we make business on the following conditions:

  •  delay of payment 21-90 days;
  •  orders through managers, big chain shops make orders electronically using special programs;
  •  monitoring through salesmen.      

Currently  we sell the following kinds of goods:

  •    hair cosmetic (shampoos, balsams, hair color, hair color shampoo, hair spray, hair mouse);
  •    makeup (lipstick, mascara, blush on, eye shadow, eyeliner, compact powder);
  •    body cosmetics (lotions, creams, balsams, hair remover creams);
  •    perfumes (deodorants, perfume water, eau de toilette);
  •    home fragrance diffuser and air fresheners
  •     wet wipes
  •    haberdashery goods (hair brushes, cosmetic bags, curlers, etc.);
  •    hygienic goods (cosmetic wattle pads, peeling pads, cotton pads);
  •    cosmetic products  for children.



     We have very ombicios plans – we will be the leaders in distributing market in Latvia.